Boncko SlideShowPro Plugin


Just write  { bonckoslideshow}/foto/fiori/{/bonckoslideshow} to obtain a gallaery where subfolders of "/foto/fiori/" becomes albums.

would you like to have a soundtrack?

Just add an mp3 file to photos and it becomes album soundtrack


{ bonckoslideshow transitionStyle="Lens" autoFinishMode="Open Gallery" startup="Open Gallery"}/foto/{/bonckoslideshow}

To remove the "Green S", you have to buy SlideShowPro Standalone from  SlideShowPro .
I develop only Joomla Plugin and i gain nothing. I m using free version

More configuration option will be avaiable asap.

Take a look to to see what we will do

Boncko UnitConverter

Conversione Unita di misura
Italian (Italy)English (United Kingdom)


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