Father & Son Monviso Tour

A great adventure.
6 days (from June 26, 2011 July 1, 2011 al) around Monviso with Jack (6 1/2 years old). Speechless ..

Karate Kid al Rif Vallanta Alba al Rif Vallanta

Monviso Nord Ovest Stambecco al  Rif Q. Sella

Monviso Est


  • Castello (1608 m.slm ) -  Rif Vallanta (2450 m.slm)
  • Rif. Vallanta (2450 m.slm) - Colle di Vallanta ( 2811 m.slm) - Rif Mont Viso (2460 m.slm)
  • Rif du Viso- Colle delle Traversette (2950) - Sentiero del Postino - Rif Giacoletti (2741 m.slm)
  • Rif Giacoletti ((2741 m.slm)- Lago Chiaretto - Rif Q. Sella (2640 m.slm) (Causa pioggia)
  • Rif Q. Sella (2640 m.slm) - Rif Alpetto (2268 m.slm)
  • Rif Alpetto (2268 m.slm) - Passo Gallarino (m 2727) - Passo S. Chiaffredo (m 2764) - Castello

I chose this direction because it is quieter and simpler. The Sentiero del Postino is better uphill than downhill, coming from Genoa Castello is closer and you avoid the climb up to Passo Chiaffredo on first day .
You need a little more attention, descenidig from Col Traversette and Sentiero del Postino.
Refuges should always book well in early season.
The phone does not take hardly ever except Rif and Vallanta and Passo Chiaffredo.
Ref Mont Viso'phone  can be used only in an emergency.
The shower is free only to Ref all'Alpetto Mont Viso and other costs from 4 to 5.
To the ref and Giacoletti Alpetto is likely there are children on their managers, and company for the child.
In no ref I happened to find hobbies or games at your baby to which thankfully has provided Jack personally.
If you also want to tackle this adventure, do not hesitate to contact me

Monviso tour - giu 2011 060 -  Sentiro del postino Monviso tour - giu 2011 068 -  Rif Giacoletti

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